The need for a small payday loan can be triggered on several occasions, as an out-of-budget expense cannot always be postponed. Quick solutions and Small Bank management are therefore needed to cope with the unexpected or to complete a project that can no longer wait. You can turn to banks and finance companies.

Let’s discover 2019 proposal for a small payday loan 

Payday Loan

By mini payday loan we mean a sum ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 euros, the range Small Bank 2019 offers on this range. The disbursement of the requested amount takes place by direct credit on a prepaid card with Uni Pay Evolution, also issued by Small Bank.

The repayment plan has a fixed term of 22 months. There is no expense statement, it is a traditional loan that allows you to use the amount as you believe.

Requirements for obtaining the mini Small Bank loan

Bank loan

You must be of legal age, calculating that his age is not more than 76 years the deadline for the reimbursement, be resident in Italy (at least a year if you are foreign nationals working as employees for at least three years if you are freelancers) and to be able to provide documentation relating to an income from work or retirement compatible with the installment to be paid.

The income documentation must be accompanied by an identity document and a health card. For foreign citizens it will be necessary to also provide passport and residence card and to document that they have worked for the same employer for at least 12 consecutive months.

To obtain the loan it is necessary to hold a Uni Pay Evolution prepaid card and the loan is paid on the card after approval, using the connected iban.

For the reimbursement instead you can choose whether to indicate for the monthly direct debit always the Uni Pay Evolution card or opt for the debit in Small Bank current account .

Small Payday Loan estimate of 2000 euros

Small Payday Loan estimate of 2000 euros

Financial: Loan Credit
Product: Payday Loan Credit
TAN Fixed: 7.05%
APR: 7.28%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 2,000
Total due: € 2,379